Staff Title  Email Telephone
 Sharon Holt  Principal   918-746-8705 
 Krista Blanche  Interim Principal   918-746-8705
 Julie Kuykendall  Principal's Secretary  918-746-8701
 Susan Waldie    Clerk  918-746-8702
 Kathy Martin  Health Assistant  918-746-8710
 Pam Goode     Special Ed Para Professional  
 Teresa Biles  Special Ed Para Professional     
 Cathy Connel  Pre-K Teacher Assistant  
 Helen Stofferahn  Cafeteria Manager  918-746-8709
 Patricia Porteous  Cafeteria Assistant    
 Eduardo Vargas  
 Head Custodian  
 Regino Cebrero  Night Custodian    
 Before/After Care  District Office    918-833-9570
 Before/After Care
 Shayna White  918-746-8700, 
 Press Aftercare Extension

Special Ed Para Professional
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 Grade  Section  Teacher   Email 
 Pre-K  (P-1)  Casey Henley
 Kindergarten   (K-1)  Glenda Bressler
   (K-2)  Connie Moore
 First Grade  (1-1)  Melissa Hudson
   (1-2)  Alison Atchison
   (1-3)  Sarah Ivie
 Second Grade   (2-1)  Detrice Reed
   (2-2)  Tammy Long
   (2-3)  Arleen Bernert
 Third Grade   (3-1)  Brian Banfield
   (3-2)   Stefani Bartholomew 
   (3-3)  Jennifer Drever
 Fourth Grade  (4-1)  Jamie Francis
   (4-2)  Robyn Osman
   (4-3)      Kristin Nicholson
 Fifth Grade  (5-1)  Matthew Robinson
   (5-2)  Brittany Enzbrenner-Snyder 
   Librarian  Emily Baker
   Speech   Nancy Bryant
   ESS  Guenter Holweg
 K-5  Physical Education  Greg Jurney
   Counselor, 918-746-8704  Charleen McCracken
   ESS  Susan Proctor
   SPARK  Lisa Rutledge
 K-5  Art  Lauren Sicking
   ELD  Julia Small
 Music  Lisa Thayer

Kindergarten (K-1)
Kindergarten (K-1)
Crossing Guard, hired by the City 



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