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At Eliot Elementary, we aim to provide a quality educational experience for every student, every day, without exception, through research-based instructional methodologies.

We incorporate an Eliot Excels philosophy through collaboration with parents and community to produce a well-rounded student encompassing high academic achievement, healthy physical and emotional awareness, positive social skills, and problem-solver capabilities to prepare for a life of productive citizenship by providing engaging activities and a safe and positive yet stimulating environment.


To create well-rounded citizens, we provide real-world learning opportunities for our scholars. The third-grade students at Eliot are taken through an educational unit on taxes - including how taxes help their community and what happens when we buy local products. Our curriculum also incorporates a variety of hands-on learning opportunities, such as STEAM Lab, which provides a weekly challenge for students to solve through technical design skills. Students also get an up-close look at science in the natural world by maintaining Eliot's vegetable and butterfly gardens throughout the year. 


Teachers and faculty at Eliot Elementary collaborate often to provide the best experience possible for our students. Creating high-quality learning experiences means educating the whole child by meeting his or her social, emotional, and academic needs. With strong social and emotional skills, our students will be able to set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.


In addition to academic success, Eliot teachers place significant value on physical health. All students participate in “Workout Wednesday,” during which they get to wear workout gear while teachers conduct lessons that involve movement. Students will do a warmup in the morning, receive instruction on a healthy choice lifestyle and receive two recesses to provide them with the chance to get active.


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Eliot Elementary School
1442 E.  36 St.
Tulsa, OK 74105