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Eliot Elementary School was named in 1928 after Charles William Eliot - an American educator and a leader in public affairs. Many people believed that he revolutionized college as we know it and elevated the status.

Charles Eliot was born in Boston on March 2, 1834, and was educated at Harvard University. He became an assistant professor of mathematics and chemistry at Harvard from 1958-1863. He spent the next few years studying chemistry and foreign educational methods. He returned to the United States in 1865 to become professor of analytical chemistry at the newly formed Massachusetts Institute of Technology, remaining there until 1869 when he became the 22nd president of Harvard University.

Influenced by what he had seen abroad, Eliot remodeled the university curriculum on a liberal basis. Although he did not originate the elective system, he established it so thoroughly that is spread to other colleges.

By raising the requirements for university admission, he raised the standards of secondary schools. In 1894 he suggested cooperation among the colleges to establish a common entrance test and equalize standards, preparing the way for the College Entrance Examinations Board. In 1908 he was chosen as president of the National Civil Service Reform League. After his retirement in 1909 from the presidency of Harvard, Eliot devoted himself to various cultural and social movements.

Eliot died on August 22, 1926.

Eliot embodied the core value of excellence and raised the bar for how colleges were designed and how students were taught. He was named honorary president of the Progressive Education Association and served as the president of the National Education Association.

Eliot Elementary School first opened in 1928 with an enrollment of 91 students. The school is located in historic Brookside and has a long tradition of educational excellence and strong parent and community support. A talented and dedicated staff provides a program of research-based curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of all of our students.

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