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Principal Sharon Holt

Sharon Holt

I graduated from Broken Arrow High School and went on to become the business owner of P.S. Stitchery where I did custom digitizing and embroidery.

When the oldest of my three children was in middle school, there was a terrible flu outbreak and the school was desperate for substitute teachers and my daughter generously volunteered me. I quickly became a regular in the building and fell in love with teaching and also started going to the other schools in town. What I saw both excited me and troubled me. There is such disparity between classrooms, and the hope is that your child gets the 'good' teacher. I thought there has to be a way to change this so that every parent knows that every teacher is an amazing teacher and their child is going to have a fabulous year. So that began my educational journey.

After over four years of substituting, I sold my business and went back to school to become a teacher. I graduated with my BS in Elementary Education with a minor in math in 2009; then with my M.Ed, Master of Education Administration and Curriculum Development in 2012.

I worked in Broken Arrow from 2009-2014 at the middle and high school levels. I became Teacher of the Year and math department chair at my site in 2012. I served as department chair at Broken Arrow High School until I became the principal at Eliot Elementary in 2014.

I love my school and the families we serve.

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