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Congratulations to Eliot Teacher of the Year Finalist Sarah Ivie

We are pleased to present Sarah Ivie as one of five finalists for the 2019-2020 Tulsa Public Schools Teacher of the Year award. 

Her history with Tulsa Public Schools began when she was in elementary school, attending Carnegie Elementary. She proceeded to attend Byrd Middle School before graduating from Memorial High School.

She then went to the University of Tulsa, where she earned her bachelor's degree in elementary education. She later received her master's degree in reading from Oklahoma State University. While finishing up college, Sarah began student teaching at Eliot and absolutely fell in love with the school. 

"I really want to foster the joy and love of learning, I feel like if we can have joy, then all the rest falls into place," said Sarah. 

Sarah has taught for Tulsa Public Schools for 15 years, spending the majority of that time at Eliot Elementary. Most of her family attended Eliot Elementary, which is why she was thrilled to have the opportunity to teach there. Now, both of her sons attend the school. 

In addition to teaching reading, Sarah is very passionate about dancing. She started dancing when she was five and has never stopped. 

As a sophomore in high school, Sarah began to teach students at Bryd middle school to dance. She coached dance throughout high school and college and has been coaching dance at Edison High School for 13 years. 

She is now on the board for Oklahoma dance and coaches dance to Tulsa Public School students. 

Sarah loves the Eliot community and having a great team around her to teach with. 

"My passion is reading; I really rely on my co-teacher in math heavily. She is amazing. Teamwork makes the dream work," said Sarah. "I love that we're a smaller school. I love that I know all the kids, even the ones I haven't had in my classroom."

Congratulations to Sarah on being nominated as a Teacher of the Year finalist. Thank you for exhibiting the district's core values of equity, character, excellence, team, and joy in your work.