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Eliot's Secret Garden

Every year, Eliot kindergartners learn about parts of a plant, what plants need to grow, the difference between a vegetable garden and a flower garden, and more. The unit usually involves students growing seeds and grass in a classroom, but this year they decided to do something on a bigger scale.

With help and donations from family members, community members, and local businesses, Eliot kindergartners created a Secret Garden, creating a hands-on learning experience where they can get their hands dirty and develop a green thumb.

The idea started with kindergarten teacher Glenda Bressler. "I decided this year we needed to take our gardening lesson to the next level. I happened to be looking out my window one day and thought, 'Hey! We can start a garden," she said. From there, it grew into a reality.

Kindergarten students have planted the plants and painted the bricks and stones that line the planters. Soon, there will be custom benches and signage to go in the garden.

"We just wanted to give the students something to take ownership of and provide a hands-on experience," Glenda said.

The students are excited to be part of this learning experience. The school even received enough plants for each kindergartner to plant and call their own!

"My favorite part is my purple plant," kindergarten student Maverick Holweg said.

To donate please contact the school here.